is a database/homepage dedicated to help young golf students connect with the right college and coach

The site was created by Michael Axelsen, who was inspired from the difficulties he discovered when his own children were looking for a golf program. In the process of finding or being found by the right coach, he found it very difficult to match his children with the right college, especially as international students. This complex situation can sometimes lead to a mismatch in expectations which can result in an unhappy student and a disappointed coach. This is why Michael decided to create a tool to connect college coaches and potential international students.

Michael did some research and talked to many coaches, parents, and former student-athletes, he found that there was a link missing in the recruiting process. A tool that can share detailed information between the student and the coach, which will assist in the decision process for both parties and ensure a better fit between student and college.

Based on his research, he created, a database where any potential student-athlete can register themselves and the coach will have access to all the details shared by the student. This will help avoid misunderstandings and help the student and the coach get a better picture of each other.

Today there are several college coaches registered. has already helped coaches and students connect, and resulted in verbal commitments and NLI signings to e.g. University of Florida, University of Texas and others.

Please feel free to register and scroll through the site. We will suggest that you register today. Once you are registered, we manually permit you access to our full portal of schools or students.

Only coaches approved by us will have access to the private information shared by the student.

We are very open to suggestions for improvements, as we are a dynamic site and our only interest is to make the recruiting process easier for students and coaches. If you have ideas how to make it easier for you to find the right college or for you as a coach to find the right student, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are:

Stephanie Bertelsen

Stephanie started playing golf at the age of 10 in Vejle Golf Club, Denmark. She went to boarding school at Oure Efterskole and Gymnasium, before she decided to attempt a collegiate career in the United States. Her adventures started at Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas where she was a 2 time All-American. After graduating from Western Texas College in 2013 with her associates degree, she decided to continue her studies as a member of the Texas Tech Women’s golf program. Under the leadership of JoJo Robertson, Stephanie conitnued her development as a player and was a key player when Texas Tech qualified for the quarterfinals at the 2015 NCAA championship her senior year. Another highlight in Stephanie’s golf career was when she became the 2014 Danish national match-play champion and a member of the 2015 national team of Denmark

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Michael Axelsen


Michael has been playing golf since he was a kid.  He and his wife Anni has 3 children, where the 2 oldest have been very successful  international junior players The oldest Elisa, has been studying and playing college golf for University of South Alabama Jaguars in Mobile and John is today a freshman at University of Florida

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Phone: +45 40 28 48 63 

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